Half or full day programmes
to suit your needs and
up the ante.

We’ve developed a series of workshops that cover a variety of modules that can be adapted and combined to suit your business needs. 

Our workshops have been developed with your bottom-line in mind. Short and to-the-point, we’ll help you cultivate key leadership qualities identified in your personnel to increase productivity, foster confidence and deal with specific challenges facing your people.

Our Workshops


Increase your visibility, credibility & profitability through Linkedin. With over 225 million members, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest online business network. It is no longer just a tool for job searchers but it has become the premier social media site in online revenue generation + reputation management. Other than Facebook & Twitter, LinkedIn is strictly business – it’s a secret weapon in B2B activities.

• Replacing cold calling

• Generating new leads

• Finding the right decision maker

• Accelerating the sales cycle

• Connecting C-Level Executives


This workshop helps to demonstrate how to leverage a LinkedIn membership in the right way in order to forward one’s career. The workshop teaches a skill set that can be utilised to grow networks, get hot leads and find new business opportunities.


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – and who knows you!”. In order to network effectively we need to understand who we are. Developing a unique personal brand is an essential step in defining yourself, your values and your career purpose as a professional. We’ll help you define your personal brand strategy and then provide you with an essential networking toolkit through curiosity, charisma and abundance.

• Define your personal brand

• Define a personal brand strategy

• Living your brand

• Communicating your brand within your network

• Understand your networking superpower


This workshop provides an essential networking toolkit that will help you strategically build and leverage your professional relationships through an understanding of how men and women network differently, how to utilise your network to market yourself and how to further leverage and grow your network.


This workshop looks at stress from all angles and helps participants get to grips with its value. You will understand the importance of stress and how it improves performance and how to actively cycle adrenaline and cortisol to increase productivity. We’ll identify areas of their lives which contain the most stress and work to build healthy habits like gratitude and meditation to enable a healthier relationship with stress.

• Understanding cortisol 

• Scheduling

• Gratitude

• Self-care

• Disconnecting


This workshop helps give attendees clarity on the benefits of stress and how to use it to improve the quality of your work through mindful practice.

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