Helen Nicholson – CEO (Chief Excitement Officer)

Helen Nicholson has been called “The Networking Queen” by many of her clients. Helen began her career as an accountant after studying at Wits University and has since evolved into a passionate entrepreneur. She is the director of The Networking Company, specialising in teaching people to Master the art of networking. She has recently published the business best seller: “Networking- How to get your black belt in business success”

Helen lived in the Middle East for five years where she developed and sold her own successful business in Dubai before returning to South Africa. She also gained international corporate experience in the IT industry, co-ordinating the marketing Middle East operation for Novell.

On her return to SA, Helen consulted and lectured at Wits Business School. Helen has a bi-monthly regular column in the Star Newspaper on the power of Networking.

Helen is a passionate South African and thrives on the meaningful work she does as a consultant in the area of leadership development. Her clients include FNB, Standard Bank, Citadel, Investec, Ernst & Young, RMB & Old Mutual. Helen is a mentor at Shanduka Black Umbrellas for aspiring black entrepreneurs and is a founding member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa. She is a single mother of identical twin girls, and is an avid reader and runner.

Helen completed the New York Marathon in 2011  and said it was one of her life highlights.

Paula is The Networking Company’s Office Manager and is the backbone of the office. She assists in coordinating all the programmes, and helps to make sure that everything is running smoothly in the day to day operations of the business.

She is all about making sure that everything is kept in order so that the programmes can be conducted in the best way possible for the clients. She is excellent at forming client relationships and makes sure that all the delegates needs are met on the day, as well as the days running up to the programmes.

Paula adores children and has two kids of her own. She also has a huge love for animals and nature.

Marlique comes from a business development background in training. She provides consulting on training solutions, in order to ensure that tailored programs are devised to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Her passion shines through within the training, coaching and organisational development industry. Having completed her degree in business management as well as being a certified NLP Life Coach, Marlique is on an exciting journey towards the empowerment of lives.

A fun fact about her is that she qualified as a Scuba Diving Instructor at the age of 21 and she enjoys challenging herself with adrenalin-seeking adventures. Marlique adores animals and will go to the ends of the earth to save them.

Ricardo comes from a strong retail marketing background and now joins The Networking Company Tribe as a Learning Consultant and the ostensible “Digital Millenial”.

What started as a passion for consumer behavior quickly evolved into one of human behavior thus propelling Ricardo into the leadership space with the intent of developing human potential.

He is enthusiastic, family-orientated and could just about eat his own body weight in cheese if given the chance.

Caitlyn has a marketing and creative background. She is in charge of coordinating all of the marketing efforts for the The Networking Company tribe. She is focused on digitising TNC’s offerings and providing a millenial view of business.

She is extremely passionate about creating successful brands and optimising businesses by giving them the digital edge in the modern day environment. Women’s leadership in the workplace is also a huge focus for Caitlyn and she is excited to get involved with “No One is Coming” demonstrating empowerment and upliftment for all women.

Caitlyn is very interested in travel and has had oppurtunities to travel to some exotic places such as the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest. She also took Zulu for eleven years.

Magan has come on board to work as our Axonify Customer Success Manager – work closely with Canada to make sure that there is customer success and efficient implementation of Axonify in South Africa.

With a background in learning and development, Magan is passionate about being able to show and quantify the impact of training and learning in the business environment.

He enjoys hiking and photography and lives his life by the motto “with everything you do, try to leave the world in a better place than you found it”.

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