Introducing the future
of Team Leadership

The Networking Company in collaboration with Jenson8 bring to you the future of team leadership, Team VR -a multiplayer virtual reality system, the first of it’s kind in Africa.

Team VR is geared towards growing skills for the future and involves incorporating skills that were identified by the World Economic Forum for future relevancy: 

  1. Complex Problem Solving
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Co-ordinating with others
  4. Judgement and Decision Making
  5. Cognitive Flexibility
  6. People Management

Team VR is a tool to help your team bridge the gap between team potential and team performance, preparing them for the future world of work by focusing on skills that are necessary for us, as humans, to remain relevant. By immersing delegates into high stake scenarios, key character behaviours can be identified within the team and on an individual level. This will help your team communicate better, solve problems in different scenarios, be agile and flexible in new situations and make the right judgements when risk is involved. 

In the new world of work, companies are increasingly focusing on “knowing and doing” of digital. There is not enough focus on how teams need to “be” to successfully navigate this changing landscape.
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