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We’ve developed training programmes that cover a variety of modules that can be adapted and combined to suit your business needs. 

Our programmes have been developed with your bottom-line in mind by cultivating key leadership qualities identified in your personnel to increase productivity, foster confidence and address issues of representation within management at all levels.

Core Modules

Networking + Personal Branding

In order to network effectively we need to understand who we are. Developing a unique personal brand is an essential step in defining yourself, your values and your career purpose as a professional. We'll help you define your personal brand strategy and then provide you with an essential networking toolkit through curiosity, charisma and abundance.


This module looks at the topic of stress and how there is an importance of stress in people's lives and how we can cycle adrenaline and cortisol to increase productivity. The delegates identify areas of their lives which contain the most stress and work to build healthy habits like gratitude and meditation to enable a healthier relationship with stress.

Power Presence

Interacting with, presence and conviction is vital to one’s credibility. This module enables delegates to develop a strong and authentic presence and build the requisite confidence to communicate their relevance and improve their influence and impact in meetings, presentations and daily interactions.

Personal Mastery

The purpose of this module is to highlight the importance of "mastering your life". No one has control over every aspect of their life. By focusing on areas we can affect, we give ourselves space to address what is important. We also delve into playing to one's strengths, as well as working effectively with a team when going it alone is not an option.

Navigating Corporate Politics

“If you don’t do politics, politics will do you”.
Learn how to identify and avoid potential pitfalls of corporate politics, how to effectively build positive strategic alliances and/or networks in order to develop a political game-plan in order to keep ahead and on a positive trajectory within your organisation.

Career Management

This module highlights the importance of taking ownership of your path. We build clarity around key strengths and the role your team plays in achieving the progress you want. Learn about the factors the contribute to promotion to understand what you need to stop, start and continue doing to ensure career advancement.

Constructive Conversations

In-depth and difficult conversations in the business can seem like a daunting task to many. Often these situations are not handled in the right way. The module assists in providing guidance and tools in which these situations are handled in the best way possible while taking into consideration other people's opinions and emotions that are involved.


This Immersion is facilitated by Leading with Humanity. By interacting with three different organisations and spaces – exploring struggle history, meeting aspiring entrepreneurs as well as victims of child trafficking – we unpack the various roles women can play as leaders. The power of African women’s leadership story and the power of one woman is the basis for a very powerful facilitated discussion and debrief.

Additional Modules

Team VR

Team VR is a tool to help your team bridge the gap between team potential and team performance, preparing them for the future world of work. By immersing delegates in high stake scenarios, key character behaviours can be identified within each team. This will help your team communicate better, solve problems in different scenarios, be agile and flexible in new situations and make the right calls when risk is involved.

Negotiating Skills

A crucial aspect of business life is negotiating. In this module, we furnish delegates with all the tools they will need to negotiate effectively and get their point across. This module gives delegates effective tips and tricks to hold their own in a negotiation and a practical toolkit that they can use in any situation where there could be a conflict of opinion.

Story Telling

The basis of this module is to demonstrate the dramatic differences between our stories: Old and new. The purpose of the programme is to establish a growth mindset within delegates, teaching them adaptive thinking when addressing personal flaws and mistakes – and how to address and move on with new tools to use as they advance in their careers.


The module is the practical application of Personal Branding – ensuring that there is alignment between who you are, and how you are perceived, Delegates gain insight into what is appropriate for them and their environment, how to dress for promotion and even dressing for your body type. This module is all about confidence and dressing for the job you want and who you are inside.

Design Thinking Ideation

This module is all about enhancing presentation skills. Everyone in the business world has to pitch ideas at some point, and we instruct delegates on creating, structuring and developing impactful and relevant ideas and then communicating them effectively. We also focus on the future world of work, exploring “innovation readiness” , to empower delegates as they excel.

Hold your Ground

In this module, key skills will be brought forward for delegates to find their confidence and own their seat at the table. There's a large demand within the leadership space which often constraints women's development as leaders. How ever holding your ground is essential, in combining your professional achievements with personal fulfilment

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