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We’re shaking things up – welcome to online learning thats practical, engaging and that you’ll want to stick with to completion!

We’ve taken all of the best of our content and packaged it into powerful online courses that deliver practical toolkits to empower your people to reach their full potential, while maximising your businesses goals.  


Delegates journey through our programmes with their cohort, building their networks while learning from experts through short videos, activities in workbooks and LIVE sessions. 


There are no boundaries to learning when transformational ideas are delivered digitally in a way that makes them easy to implement and leaves delegates feeling inspired to achieve, connect and contribute more. 

Personal Mastery

The purpose of this module is to highlight the importance of “mastering your life”. By focusing on areas we can create impact on, we give ourselves space to address what is important. We  delve into playing to one’s strengths, as well as working effectively with a team when going it alone is not an option.

EQ: Self Awareness

This module is used to create deep self awareness for delegates in order to create sustainable behaviour change. There is a primary focus on brain and a person’s abilities. By identifying key talents and areas of talent that are under-utilised, delegates will be able to communicate, collaborate and work with others in a more effective manner.

Power Presence 

Interacting with, presence and conviction is vital to one’s credibility. This module enables delegates to develop a strong and authentic presence and build the requisite confidence to communicate their relevance and improve their influence and impact in meetings, presentations and daily interactions.

Navigating Corporate Politics

“If you don’t do politics, politics will do you”. Learn how to identify and avoid potential pitfalls of corporate politics, how to effectively build positive strategic alliances and/or networks in order to develop a political game-plan in order to keep ahead and on a positive trajectory within your organisation.

Career Management

This module highlights the importance of taking ownership of your path. We build clarity around key strengths and the role your team plays in achieving the progress you want. Learn about the factors the contribute to promotion to understand what you need to stop, start and continue doing to ensure career advancement.

Constructive Conversations

In this module, key skills will be brought forward for delegates to find their confidence and own their seat at the table. There’s a large demand within the leadership space which often creates constraints on development as leaders. How ever holding your ground is essential, in combining your professional achievements with personal fulfilment.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is the art of defining your professional purpose, and being able to articulate your experience and value to your target market. This module assists delegates in crystallising their personal brand, in order to effectively communicate with stakeholders and organisation.


In the current competitive business environment, successful individuals need to stand out. The key to becoming the go-to person is through the cultivating networks and building relationships with all your stakeholders. This module assists delegates to create a practical toolkit to develop and leverage a successful network, helping them to further their career oppurtunities.

Mindful Resilience

This module helps delegates to develop a resilient mindset, helping them to cope with change and adapt efficiently. By identifying key practices of mindfulness, delegates will receive practical exercises that can effectively build resilience and productivity overall.. The delegates identify areas of their lives which contain the most stress and work to build healthy habits like gratitude and meditation to enable a healthier relationship with stress.

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