5 Top Learning and Development Trends for 2019!

In this current business environment, learning and development is a hot topic. The world is constantly changing, and we need our business and employees to keep up! It helps to maintain and develop your businesses a competitive edge in the industry. There are new trends in the market that could potentially propel your business in the modern age.

1.) Designing training for sustainment and retention: We are in a world where it is important that we are getting value for the money we are spending. Money is thrown into training but how can you make sure that it is beneficial in the long run? By using training programmes that are paired with the technology, that are proven to help retain information, your business will be able to get the skills and learning that is required across the board, with the added bonus of assurance that the information will be retained by employees down the line.

2.) Accepting automation: Technology can be a scary thing to many people as it is placing faith into something that has the reputation of being “up in the air”. However time is money and if there is the opportunity to free up more time for other aspects of work, then take the leap! Embracing technology will not only free up your time but will allow you and your business, to be up to date with the trends and maintain your competitive edge in the industry.

3.) Emphasizing soft skills: Soft skills are the new hard skills in this new technological age! By developing your employees' soft skills, it will help emphasize the human aspect of your business, even with the amount of new technology that is being introduced. So place some focus on developing emotional intelligence, collaboration, and negotiation skills with your employees, to help your business work better as a cohesive unit and furthermore bettering the work that your business produces.

4.) Making learning more accessible: Learning in the past has been predominantly created during the workday, and once the employees leave the workspace, they leave their skills behind – not necessarily remembering them the next day. I am not saying that people should take their work home with them but they should be able to remember the skills that they learned in the work environment. So by giving tasks and training material, such as a game or adopting a gamification approach, they can do the training in their own time, and to boost participation, offer a rewards system that could also potentially create some healthy competition. This will make them take part in learning and increase beneficial engagement as they are learning when it is accessible and convenient to them.

5.) Increase the gamification of training: The new generation that is entering the workforce react well to an innovative way of learning. There is no longer the space for lecture-style teaching and there is a movement towards digitizing the learning journey. Not only does the way of teaching need to change, but the style of learning needs to change too. Gamification has become an influential topic throughout the learning and development world and is helping businesses propel their learning journeys in lightning speed. Companies, such as Axonify, have identified that gamification allows stronger retention of the information and of course, helps to make the learning experience more interactive and enjoyable for the participants.

Introducing innovative ways of learning and development into a business unit will help to reach the new generation of the workforce, in the most efficient way possible, as well as allowing the business to become a competitor in the modern industry.

Take the time to analyze your situation in your business. Is it embracing change with a growth mindset? Or is it stuck in the same cycle that it has been in place for years? Emphasize learning and development, because how can we expect our businesses to propel into the future when we are working with our business as if it has a limited shelf life.

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