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5 Guaranteed Strategies to Master The Art of Networking

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Testimonials on Leverage LinkedIn Training:

“In the business banking acquisition space we are always looking for innovative new ways to raise our game. LinkedIn provided an excellent platform for us to reach new clients and build better relationships with existing clients. My team is excited and we are seeing results. Thank you Helen & Dr Nik- brilliant tool”

Zak Sivalingum, Head: Acquisitions, FNB Commercial

Cost: R3,950.00 (Exc Vat)

Time: 8:30am -16:00 PM

Date: 23 May 2017

Venue: Our Offices, Corner 2nd Avenue, 91 9th Street, Parkhurst

Classes are limited to 8 delegates to ensure customised attention.  


This workshop is highly practical, you’ll bring your laptop and device so that you build and maximise your LinkedIn profile.  


Module 1: Develop your Personal Branding Goals

  • Set Your Primary Personal Branding Goals
  • Map Your Personal Branding Progress on Track

Module 2: Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Why Your LinkedIn Profile needs to read like a New York Times Bestseller
  • Convert Your LinkedIn Headline to a Brand Promise
  • Turn Your LinkedIn Summary into a Call to Action
  • Turn Your Experience into a Value Proposition
  •  Display Your Personal Branding Multimedia
  • How to ask for Recommendations
  • Attain LinkedIn All Star Status

Module 3: Grow your LinkedIn Network

  • Search Companies for high Value Connections
  • Search Groups for high Value Connections
  • Search Alumni for high Value Connections
  • Synchronise Your Email Contacts



Cost: R3,950.00 Exc Vat

Time: 08:30am - 16:00pm

Date: 18 May 2017

Module 1: Profile Your Primary Prospect

Locate Your Target Market on LinkedIn

You will learn how to:

Step 1: Develop Your Ideal Client Profile

Step 2: Identify the Real Needs of Your Ideal Clients

You Will be Able to:

  • Prospect Faster and More Effectively Than Your Competition
  • Quickly Establish Commonality and Trust With Your Ideal Clients

Put Yourself in front of Your Ideal Clients by Identifying, Joining and Participating in the Right LinkedIn Groups

Module 2: Proposition Your Value

Craft Your Brand Promise and Brand Vantage

You Will Learn How How to:

Step 1: Develop Your LinkedIn Marketing Plan

Step 2: Convert Your LinkedIn Profile to a Value Proposition

Step 3: Construct Your Digital Sales Funnel on LinkedIn

OUTCOME: You will be able to:

  • Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Client Attraction Magnet
  • Establish Yourself as a Leader in Your Market
  • Build Your LinkedIn Referral Database

Module 3: Prospect Your Network

Connect with Makers & Build Your Referral Network

You Will Learn How To:

Step 1: Connect with Decision Makers

Step 2: Prospect Your LinkedIn Network

Step 3: Build Your Own Customer Community on LinkedIn

You Will be Able to:

  • Add 50+ Qualified Leads Every Month to Your LinkedIn Campaign
  • Launch Your Customer Community in a Way That Will Attract All the Right Prospects
  • Attract Attention by Setting up Your Own Thought Leadership Platform on LinkedIn

Module 4: Promote Your Expertise

Master Content Marketing to Become a Global Thought Leader

You Will Learn How to:

Step 1: Navigate the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Step 2: Source Relevant Content Easily & Quickly

Step 3: Develop Your Content Mareting Plan

You Will Be Able to:

  • Write Content That Sells on LinkedIn
  • Construct Your Content Marketing Calendar
  • Write Content the Easy Way (through Content Curation & Aggregation)

Module 5: Propose Your Services

Construct Your LinkedIn Messaging Campaign

Step 1: Create Your LinkedIn Messaging Playbook

Step 2: Track & Monitor Your LinkedIn Messaging Campaign

Step 3: Develop Your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Campaign

OUTCOME: You will be able to:

  • Script LinkedIn Messages that Elicit a Positive Response
  • Speed up your Prospecting Efforts with Automated Personal Emailing
  • Easily Track and Monitor Your Entire Campaign by Creating Your Own Tracking System

Module 6: Project Your Brand

Setting up the Referral Marketing System

Step 1: Set up Your Referral Leadership Platform (Podcast Show & LinkedIn Group)

Step 2: Create Your Referral Prospectus (Leadership Book)

Step 3: Develop your Referral Marketing System  (Weekly LinkedIn Communication)

You will be able to:

  • Establish a Uniquely New & Inspiring Platform in Your Industry on LinkedIn
  • Have Your Ideal Clients come to you to be Profiled as Experts (& become Referral Promoters)
  • Generate New Referral Clients from the LinkedIn Networks of Your Referral Promoters

Module 7: Propagate Your Authority

Operating the Referral Marketing System

Step 1: Generate Referral Promoters on a Monthly Basis

Step 2: Generate Referrals from Your Referral Promoters on a Monthly Basis

Step 3: Follow up on Your New Referral Leads Through Your Leadership Messaging Platform

You will be able to:

  • Grow Your Business consitently through Referrals without any Advertising or Paid Media
  • Have Your Ideal Clients Come to you to be Profiled as Experts (& Become Referral Promoters)
  • Generate New Referral Clients from the LinkedIn Networks of Your Referral Promoters
  • Build up a Database of New Referral Leads and Keep in Touch Until They are Ready to Buy
  • Be Seen as the Thought Leader in Your Industry Through Your Leadership Show & Group

Facilitator: Dr Nik Eberl

Dr Nik (Nikolaus Eberl, PhD) is one of the world's leading experts on the subject of social selling and how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. He is currently working for a number of international clients, from SME's to multinationals (such as IBM, Deloitte and FNB), and he has helped his clients through the Reciprocation Marketing System.

Based on extemsive case studies with clients across three geographies (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Dr Nik has developed a proprietary methodology to help business owners double qualified leads

within 100 days, code-named the "LinkedIn Referral Generator". To view the social selling success stories and assess your social selling skills, please go to (and view the Reciprocation Marketing System at


Download brochure for more information......

What our clients are saying about these workshops:

“We have sent Dr Nik to IBM Dubai, Nairobi, Istanbul and he’s trained all our sales teams in South Africa. Leads have been generated and the response from both our staff and clients has been overwhelmingly positive. LinkedIn is no longer a recruitment tool but a potent B-2-B new sales funnel. We’re excited to be leading the charge in this area”

Susanna Barnard, Head: Sales Enablement, IBM 



The Networking Company facilitates over 280 workshops every year in 18 different countries. Our workshop philosophy is a tool-kit approach- delegates leave with a practical Networking toolkit that they can immediately implement. 


  • Realise the importance of developing your own personal brand
  • Develop your own personal branding strategy to elevate your visibility amongst stakeholders
  • Gain insight into the “Mars and Venus” of networking across genders
  • Determine how to Identify the power brokers in networks  and leverage those relationships
  • Conduct a networking audit identifying the gaps in your network using the Beehive Process
  • Learn how to “work” a room by discovering your own unique networking style
  • Design and deliver your “elevator speech”

This session can also be combined with a PRACTICAL COCKTAIL PARTY where delegates can practice their skills. Download brochure for more info.....

What are clients are saying about our workshops:

“Our facilitator is so clearly the subject matter expert in this subject and so enthusiastic that she's able to capture peoples' attention for the entire duration of this course, This was highly beneficial!.”

CJ Kujenga, Senior Partner EY

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