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5 Guaranteed Strategies to Master The Art of Networking

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Helen Nicholson, also known by her clients as “The Networking Queen” has spoken in 33 countries and consistently achieves top ratings at her clients events and conferences. Her “Grow your Network” presentation is often used by clients at conferences to give their delegates a networking “tool-kit” so they don’t just chat to the colleagues they know, but have some tips and tricks to meet new colleagues. 


Grow your Network. Grow your Business 

✓ Realise the importance of developing your own personal brand 

✓ Understand why Networking is the No 1 critical success skill for business people identified by Insead Business School 

✓ Gain insight into the “Mars and Venus” of Networking 

✓ Learn how to “work” a room by discovering your own unique networking style 

✓ Design and deliver your "elevator speech" 

✓ Where to go to expand your business network 


Testimonials from previous clients: 


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Leverage LinkedIn 

With close to 275 million members, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest online business networking site. No longer just a tool for job searchers, LinkedIn has become the premier social media site in online revenue generation and reputation management. Other than Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is strictly business – and has become a “secret weapon for B2B activities” such as: 

• Replacing cold calling 

• Generate sales leads 

• Finding the Decision maker 

In this presentation you will learn to: 

✓ The secrets to optimising your profile 

✓ Develop a LinkedIn marketing plan 

✓ Best practice amongst LinkedIn leaders 

✓ Why your profile is NOT your CV 


Testimonials from previous clients: 


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Brand (ME) Pty Ltd 

Discover how professionals can move beyond their technical expertise to become powerful personal brands, thought leaders and expert relationship builders. It is a given that professionals are technically competent. In the current competitive professional services environment, successful individuals need to stand out. The key to becoming a thought leader is through cultivating networks and building relationships with both colleagues and clients. 

✓ Identify your stengths as a key factor in building a powerful personal brand 

✓ What is your “coffee stain” that could potentially be holding your brand back? 

✓ How do you maximise all your Personal Branding touchpoints eg. email, meetings, presentations and functions. 

✓ Learn the secrets of how introverts network 

✓ Design and deliver your "elevator speech" 


Testimonials from previous clients:

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