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The Connected Leader


"The Connected Leader" sees two leading best-selling authors, Helen Nicholson and Dr Nik join forces to give insights into what being truly connected means, both face-to-face and digitally in the new world of work.

In this power-packed book you will learn:

  • Define and leverage your career sweet spot
  • Utilise your strengths to build the personal brand "CEO of Me(Pty)Ltd"
  • Gain insight into the characterictics of the best face-to-face networkers
  • Protect your brand against the rising tide of customer activism
  • How do you inspire employees and customers to become digital brand ambassadors?
  • How Coca Cola is planning to double the business by becoming a "Social Construction Brand"

Helen meets Richard Branson, the world's most Connected Leader.


Helen Nicholson is known as the "The Networking Queen" by her clients. She began her career as an accountant and has since evovled into the director of The Networking Company, specialising in teaching people how to connect the dots in their networks. 

Helen lived in the Middle East for five years where she sold her own succesful business in Dubai before returning home , where she consulted and lectured at Wits Business School. She has a Bi-Monthly regular column in The Star Newspaper and has presented in 16 countries on the power of networking.

Her Clients include FNB, Standard Bank, Citadel, Investec, Ernst & Young, RMB and the JD Group amongst others. Helen is a mentor at Shanduka Black Umbrellas for aspiring black entrepreneurs. She is a single mother of identical twin girls, and is an avid reader and runner. Helen completed the New York Marathon in 2011 and said it was one of her life highlights.

Dr Nikolaus Eberl, the author of the bestselling book "Brandovation: How Germany won the World Cup of Nation Branding", holds a PHD from the Free University of Berlin and postgraduate from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Dr Nik headed the Net Promoter Scorecard Research Project on South Africa's Destination Branding Success Story during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, and he is the co-author of Branding Ambassador Program for the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

For three years, Dr Nik authored the Business Day's World Cup Column as well as co-anchored CNBC Africa's weekly Business 2010 show. he has building Brand Communities both online and offline, first in the student community arena where he helped the Europian Union to build the first Paneuropean Student Network, and then in the Sporting Arena where he helped multinational brands to build Fan Communities such as the Bafana FAN Club and currently the FAN World Cup™, The World's Social Football League.

Please go to to view Dr. Nik's website


What are people saying about The Connected Leader?

"The maxim is as old as the hills: "It's not what you know, it's who you know". In an age of always-on, hyper connection, that couldn't be more true than it is now. But the ways in which we connect continue to adapt and change. And so we must also must adapt and change our methods and approaches.

Older people in the world of work grew up with face to face connectionsas their norm, and tend to favor these approaches to networking. They need to develop the skills required to take their offline skills into the digital world.

Younger people have a digital mindset and many online skills, but often lack an  understanding of the science - and art - of personal and business connection.

It's not about choosing between these two approaches: in today's world, we need both online and offline skills of connection and management.

That's what this book is about. And fittingly it has been written as a collaboration between two experts in each of these fields.

For those who know the value of connection in our digital world, this book is a must. It's filled with important insights, inspiring anecdotes and practical skills to improve your ability to connect."

Dr. Graeme Codrington

Founder and international director:


Networking: How to get your black belt in business success


Do you want to build a network of useful contacts in order to kick-start your career but dont know how? Are you aware of the crucial importance of networking but lack the know-how to get started? Or do you think networking entails just pitching up at a cocktail party and handing out your business cards? If any of the above, this book is for you!

Networking is a vital component of anyone's career: without it, you cannot raise your profile to become visible in the market place or build mutually beneficial business relationships. You will remain an unknown entity in a tough, competitive world, and lag behind as successful networkers forge ahead with their careers. Great networkers are distinguished from average ones by two all-important attributes: they understand their strengths and have their own personal brand. This book shows you how to identify these two key qualities for yourself, while, at the same time, demystifying networking in a practical and simple way. You will learn why you need to network, how to leverage your strengths to build your brand; the cornerstones of successful networking; the importance of business cards; the art of conversation and the power of charm; and how to work a room. 

Networking is the one book you cannot do without if you want to acheive optimum success in the business world today.



​Create your Elevator Speech, and learn the strategies for Working a Room.

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