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Gillian Lindsell

Gillian Lindsell

Gillian Lindsell is a professional speaker and corporate communications consultant.  25 years experience in the branding, marketing and public relations industry has allowed for her natural ability to give training and talks to a wide audience on diverse topics from cultural diversity to negotiating skills; emotional intelligence to event planning;  networking to customer service. 

 Gillian is an accomplished copywriter and creative conceptualiser of numerous communication campaigns for some of the top South African and International corporations.  She has been both a client and the client service provider; a team player and a team leader ~ which gives all her engagements a dynamic edge of empathy.

 A near fatal shooting during an armed robbery in her home left Gillian fighting for her life in ICU for 2 months followed by a long and painful recovery period.  The experience lead her to explore the tools of resilience. Gillian speaks with a contagious energy of the “APPS” she downloaded which helped her become so resilient   ~ not the typical apps one thinks of; those that need some or other electronic device to download, but rather ones that anyone can download from within themselves to overcome any adversity…. Gillian’s apps were Courage, Tenacity, Acceptance, Patience and Faith.

Over the years Gillian has realised the value and power of networking and knows how to use it.   She is a single mom of three teenage daughters and is currently writing a book called “Bulletproof”. 

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