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Jasmine, How relevant are you? LinkedIn and black book!

The smell of Jasmine is in the air, spring is springing and everyone in SA feels more optimistic when we have good weather! In recent conversations I’ve been struck how important your “Relevancy quotient” is- Stay Relevant or Go out of business! When I attended the Google conference earlier this year, speaker after speaker emphasized your “Relevancy quotient” as being a key success factor.

How relevant are you?

Are you up to date with changing trends in your industry?

Are you reading broadly?

When last did you attend a training workshop/conference to update your skill set?

Are you staying in touch with your network?

How have your clients (both internal and external) needs changed?

Have you updated your look recently?


In these tough economic times your ability to be and stay relevant has never been as important as it is now. Just ask people who worked at Kodak or Nashua Mobile.

Are you technologically relevant? In that spirit we are hosting our last series of workshops on “Leveraging LinkedIn- make it work for you”.

Recommended Books


“If this is a Woman" by Sarah Helm- Inside Ravensbruck: Hitlers concentration camp for women.

This s a harrowing read and not for the faint hearted. I've read a chapter at a time as I couldn't do more. This boom is a historical account of what happened at Ravensbruck-the only concentration camp for women, and only 10% of the population was Jewish. It was mainly political prisoners. Its a fascinating account of mental toughness, our inhumanity to each other coupled with amazing courageous acts. This book will stay with me for a very long time- its only just come out, as nothing was documented about Ravensbruck before. The Russian women were the strongest and the French the weakest, for a whole lot of reasons the author goes into. 

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

I’ve always been fascinated by this visionary man both because of his South African connection and the fact that he has two sets of multiple children- 1 set of twins and 1 set of triplets- all boys! Just imagine! Elon’s mother is an identical twin- her and her sister are called Gaye and Maye. I told my twin daughters they were very lucky we didn't give them rhyming names ;-) I’m even more intrigued and fascinated by Elon Musk after reading this. SA doesn't come out of this looking good at all- he had a torrid time at Bryanston High spending 2 weeks in hospital after a particularly bad bullying incident. I wonder if those bullies have any idea where their so called “ victim” is now?

Black book


Good Luck Club at the top of Corlett Drive and Oxford road- the signage is so bad I walked past it twice. Delicious dim sum and the best beef stir fried dish I’ve had in a long time. Very basic decor but a really good find.

Peron - Mexican tappas place around the corner from Good luck club- really delicious small bite sized chinks of mexican food. I love mexican food and Peron is great!

Till next time

Much love Helen xx

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