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August 2014

There are 102 working days left in 2014- how are you doing?

My biggest learning of this year was as a result of me battling pneumonia for 4 weeks recently-nothing like your body klapping you to get great clarity!  

It’s not the big holidays at the end of the year, the new car or the big events that determine the overall quality of your life. I believe it’s possible to have a high quality life in JHB- everyday. The key is the little things that we add to our day every day-these small things are sleep, exercise and gratitude. I've become a sleep evangelist- we need 7-8 hours of sleep a night to perform at our peak, and it’s the first place we sacrifice hours when we’re busy. We wear sleep deprivation as a badge of honour. Switch off technology an hour before you go to sleep and wake up naturally- observe how your energy and performance go through the roof!

As a result of being sick, I wasn't able to exercise for 4 weeks and I saw the difference in both my body and my mood. I've been like Cruella De Ville, especially at home. The latest research is all about how small bursts of exercise have the same effect as long periods of exercise.

Check out this article Running for your health – no need to go fast and far!

Practising gratitude is one of the smallest rituals, but has the most profound effect. Your brain is a muscle,which means that it can be trained. Writing in my gratitude journal every day makes me more mindful and has had the most dramatic effect! We have so many blessings and as a wise person says “If we don’t feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more?”


1. EATrite foods- They are an amazing resource- they supply healthy, low GI snacks and meals. I absolutely love their gluten free pies, low GI cupcakes and the Snack packs containing biltong. I carry them around in my car and in my office desk,so then I always have healthy snacks with me. Often we eat badly because we haven’t planned properly. If you order over a certain amount then they’ll deliver free of charge- you can check them out at EAT Rite Foods.

2. I battle with my back and have discovered a great sports massage/back practitioner. Derek is amazing- and starts working at 6am in 15 minute bursts, and he’s completely punctual. He charges R250.00 in cash-a brilliant resource. Thanks Joni Peddie! His number is 011-4429393 and he’s in Parktown.



I've been blown away by "The Signature of all things" by Elizabeth Gilbert-author of Eat, Pray, and Love.She’s taken her writing to a whole new level- I couldn't put it down!


The Go-giver by Bob Burgh and John David Mann.

My friend, Brad Shorkend recommended this to me and it's one of the best networking books I've ever read. It's a short, parable based book. It emphasizes the point that the “go-givers are indeed the best networkers."

Have a great August!

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